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This Cookie Policy relates to the site and its subdomains and / or subdirectories hereinafter referred to as "site", in accordance with the decision of the Authority for the Protection of Personal Data of 8 May 2014, entitled "Identification simplified procedures for the information and the acquisition of consent for the use of cookies".

Cookies are short pieces of text that contain information that can be stored by a user when the browser (Firefox, Chrome, InternetExplorer etc.) recalls a particular website. Thanks to cookies, the server sends information that will be reinterpreted and updated each time the user returns to that site. In this way the website automatically adapting the user improves the browsing experience.

In addition they also serve to provide the holder of the website navigation information of users and statistics on site usage and to improve the navigation of e-mail and convey any advertisements.

On our website we use cookies or other identifiers for several reasons, for example:

1 Offer access to restricted areas of the site and accedibili behind authentication (in this case cookies are called "technical" and are used to maintain the browsing session and / or to facilitate future access from the same device).

2 Keep track of user preferences while using the site and / or services incorporated therein or connected thereto.

3 Offer advertising and / or content that is relevant to the interests of visitors (only third-party cookies).

4 Process analysis (analytics) on the use of the site and / or services incorporated therein.

5 Conduct research to improve the content, products and services of our site.

Our site does NOT use any cookie directly profiling, cookies managed and generated by our site are ONLY cookie technicians that serve to provide properly service to the public.
However inform our users that our pages may be generated cookie profiling of third parties, the use of such cookies and similar technologies by such companies is governed by the privacy policies of those companies and not by this information being our site totally unrelated to the management of these instruments and the processing of data derived from them.
Below is a non-exhaustive list of some third-party cookies that we use:

1 Google services ( Analytics, Adsense, Google+, etc. ) - Read information
2 Facebook - Read information
3 Twitter - Read information
4 Linkedin - Read information
5 Youtube - Read information
6 Instagram - Read information
7 Pinterest - Read information

There are various types of cookies, those "technicians" who are key to navigate the site using all its capabilities, in the absence of these cookies is not possible to provide their services. This type of cookie does not collect information to be used for commercial purposes.

The type of "performance" collects and analyzes information on the use of the site by users (page views, session number, spent on the website, etc.) These cookies do not collect information that can identify the user in any way. This category includes cookies set by the following technological solutions: Adobe Site Catalyst and Google Analytics.

Cookies "Features" allow the website to remember anonymous choices made by the user and customize the site by improving content, an example of these cookies may be Adobe Test & Target. They collect information on the tastes of the users, they are cookies "Advertising" after storing these tastes send personalized content (promotional banners and / or offers dedicated). This category of DoubleClick cookie, for example, Facebook, MediaMath, rightmedia, Criteo etc.

Our website works properly if your cookies are enabled. You can decide not to allow the setting of cookies on your computer.

To do this go to the "Preferences" of your browser, also if you disable cookies, you may disable certain features of the website. In the event that all cookies are disabled, your browser will continue to store a small amount of information required for the basic functionality of the site.
You can configure your browser to accept or reject all cookies or particular types of cookies (such as third-party cookies) or you can choose to be notified whenever a cookie is set inside of your computer.

Instructions on how to customize the configuration of the cookie of the most popular browsers:

Microsoft Internet Explorer:

click on "Tools" at the top of your browser window;
select "Internet Options";
Click on the "Privacy" tab;
to enable cookies, the privacy level must be set to "Medium" or below; by setting the privacy level above the "Medium" will disable the use of cookies.

Mozilla Firefox:

click on "Tools" at the top of your browser window;
select "Options";
select the icon "Privacy";
click on "cookies";
select whether or not the items' Accept cookies from sites "and" Accept third party cookies ";

Google Chrome:

Click the icon of the menu;
select "Settings";
at the bottom of the page, select "Show Advanced Settings";
in the "Privacy" section, select "Content settings";
select whether or not the "Block sites from setting any data."

Apple Safari:

Click the "Safari" at the top of your browser window;
select "Preferences";
click on "Privacy";
set your choice in the "Cookie and information websites".

To learn more about cookies and to manage preferences about cookies (first and / or third party) users are invited to visit the platform

We remind users that the consent to the use of cookies on our site is:
1 by clicking on OK in the informational banner
2 continuing the navigation or interacting with the page of the website.

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